Hünnebeck formwork

The Hünnebeck load-bearing frame prop is well suited for all applications where particularly high loads have to be supported safely and economically. All components of the load-bearing frame prop are robust and galvanized for a long service life. The load-bearing frame prop has a system can be loaded with up to 210 kN.


  • Versatile configuration of the prop jack, selectively at the top and/or at the base of the loadbearing frame prop;
  • Continuously variable adjustment of the articulated prop jack as a result of the 30 cm high spindle range;
  • Various connection possibilities for wall struts, bracing, and walkway brackets;
  • Frame sections in different heights for versatile application;
  • Vertical and horizontal application possible


Article Stock
HB prop jack 270 mm 114
HB Frame 1.250 mm 43
HB Frame 1.500 mm 40
HB Frame 2.000 mm 68
HB spindle head 33
HB Head 56
HB Swivel coupler 131
HB Wedge coupler 584