Large batch of heating equipment, electricity / oil heater

At buildingequipment we have a large batch of heating equipment for sale.

Very well maintained, large batch. Everything in controlled condition. Contact us for purchase of the entire batch at a competitive pick-up price. You can also contact us to purchase individual parts from the batch.
All the products:

  • Elektra heater 18Kw elt
  • Elektra heater 2,2Kw/230v
  • Elektra heater 3Kw/220V elt
  • Elektra heater 10Kw/380V elt
  • Oil heater 119Kw clk100
  • Oil heater 154,5Kw clk160
  • Oil heater 22,5Kw at25
  • Oil heater 30Kw cla40
  • Oil heater 50Kw cla50
  • Heater Afstandspijp tbv slang
  • Heater regenkap 200mm/rvs
  • Heater regenkap 180mm/rvs
  • Heater rookgasafv.180mm/3m1/AL
  • Heater rookgasafv.152mm/3m1/AL
  • Heater rookgasafv.200mm/3m1/AL
  • Heater hose (yellow) 203mm cla40
  • Heater hose (yellow) 305mm cla40
  • Heater hose (yellow) 505mm clk
  • Heater thermostaat (ruimte)
  • Airdryer 55/230v AMT
  • Airdryer 80/230v AMT
  • Airdryer hygrostaat
  • Ventilator 230v slangaansl.300