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With building hoists from your building site is ready for fast vertical transport.

We have building hoists available in various different configurations, sizes and budgets to suit different applications. Because of our wide experience we can advise you about the right hoists for your building site. The experts at are ready to help you with the equipment you need.

Why you should order your building hoists at

    • • 100% hand inspected material.
    • • We can help you with all building hoists: small or large
    • • We can help you with all building hoists: used and original
      • • We do not only sell products, we can also advise with construction drawings.
    • Because of our comprehensive experience and as a international sales partner of Reco, we dan help you with every building construction.
If you have any building hoists for sale, please let us know! 
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Our products

Persons-Goods Hoist HP 150 S De Jong

Lifting Capacity : 1500 kg or 18 People

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Persons / Goods hoist De Jong HP200

Lifting capacity 2000 kg

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