Layher Scaffolding

Original, used and new Layher Scaffolding for sale.

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  • has always large quantities of layher scaffolding for sale.
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  • All Layher material is handselected.

We have the following products of layher scaffolding:

  • Layher AR Standard with spigot (sizes: 0.50m, 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m, 4m) used
  • Layher AR Standard without spigot (sizes: 1.5, 2m, 2.5, 3m) used
  • Layher AR O-ledger (sizes: 0.39m, 0.45m, 0.73m, 1.09, 1.57m, 2.07m, 2.57m and 3.07m) used
  • Layher AR Support Ledger (used)
  • Layher collar (used)
  • Layher AR Diagonal (multiple sizes) used
  • Layher AR tube steeldeck (multiple sizes) used
  • Layher Steel decks O- and U-application.
  •  Layher AR Steeldeck U Application (multiple sizes) used
  • Layher support ledger – extended
  • Layher AR O- Console bracket (multiple sizes) used
  • Scaffolding ladders new and used available
  • Layher AR tube pallet (multiple sizes) used

We are also interested in buying used original Layher if you want to sell your stock. For more informatie about selling your stock: click here!

Layher stocklist
You can find the latest stocklist of used Layher Scaffolding here

Used layher can be loaded by hand into containers at our yard.