Scaffolding couplers


Building equipment has large quantities of all kind of selected couplers for sale, used and new.

Diameter 26.9 mm, 33.7 mm, 42.4 mm, 48.3 mm and 60.3 mm.

New and used scaffolding couplers available:

  • Right -angle  Couplers van Thiel fixed wedge.
  • Swivel and sleeve couplers fixed wedge.
  • Sleeve coupler older type  with and without wedge.
  • Right -angle Couplers stampwerk and others without wedge.
  • Stored per 250 couplers with wedge in a bin.
  • Stored per 500 couplers without wedge in a bin.

Allways large quantities in stock! And quick worldwide delivery!
If you also need Tubes , we have large quantities 48,3 diameter for sale.